The Three Villages Gala

Three Villages Gala is a not for profit organisation. The money we raise is ploughed back into the community in three ways

1. Events and Activities are offered at close to cost or to give a small surplus

2. Any surplus funds are released to community events at the discretion of the gala committee

3. Occasionally an event is specifically targeted to raise funds for particular cause. An example of this is the recent Race Night in Oct 2008. Where monies were allocated to Primary School Sports Equipment £500 and Marie Curie sponsored event £250 by a local resident.


In general the function of the Three Villages Gala is to provide a catalyst for community activities within Burton Joyce, Bulcote and Stoke Bardolph areas.


These activities are broad based including young, middle and experienced aged groups. The main events is the Gala weekend which hosts a Very Large open spanned traditional marquee , arena, events stalls and rides together with professional band acts or performers in the evening. Depending on the weather the  cost of the Gala isn't usually totally covered by the revenue gained on the weekend. Current Gala costs are around £15K per Gala weekend but not all this amount is covered over the weekend. The cost of stalls, and activities is kept low to encourage all age groups to become involved. For instance Entry to the Gala is £1 or £2 not £5-£7 as recent other local events have been.

For this reason the Gala Committee hold other events during the year to gain funds for the projected shortfall such as Race Nights and Quiz Events.


The Gala Committee keep a reserve of funds to cover an eventuality of a rained off event etc. However if a surplus can be assessed after a Gala then the Committee will ask for suitable local projects to fund . These must help improvements quality of life, or environments or promote community well being .


We are very well supported by Burton Joyce Parish Council who give us cost effective access to the Poplars Sports Ground and Facilities—this enables us to keep our costs down and benefit the Villagers immeasurably.

None of the committee are paid for their time and considerable effort and offer their services on a voluntary basis.

It is my intention this year 2009 to improve our funding into the community to around £5000 this year and also to make our Events of more interest to all ages of the Three Villages.


If you have any questions about our funding policy or request a donation to a community cause please write or email to :

Steve Cluff : Chairman Three Villages Gala


Information on Funding